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SiloSix.com: General Information

Welcome to SiloSix.com

With over 17 years in the world of QA, a sizable repository of techniques and toolsets have been collected. Looking back at the terabytes of data with the goal of creating a usable library for future work has left me a bit bewildered at how far I've come. Leading what is essentially two lives, the creative world of audiovisual arts have always kept me in balance with the technical and methodical discplines involved in QA as well as product development in general. After a long career at DresserWayne, I went off on my own providing IT services to small buiness for about 3 years. Recently I returned to corporate life,with roles ranging from testing web services and mobile applications for clients such as Dell and Gemalto. In each endeavor, a clean slate was presented and I produced lightweight and easily maintainable frameworks around both Java/Groovy/SoapUi/Eclipse/NetBeans/Selenium and VisualStudio/C#/Selenium/Telerik technologies. Each increased speed of test, reduced overhead to execute and provided an extensible tool that was easily learned and maintained.


Recent studies - for work or play include:


  • Telerik Test Studio
  • Telerik - TestingFramwork/VsTest/NUnit
  • Selenium IDE/WebDriver
  • MSTest, NUnit
  • Mono
  • NUnit


  • Axis2
  • TomCat
  • JUnit
  • TestNG
  • Java/Groovy/Selenium
Web Technologies\Dreamweaver CS5
  • Selenium IDE
  • FireBug
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • HTML5
  • CSS
Performance Tools
  • Jmeter
VMWare WebServer
  • LAMP stack
  • VisualSVN
  • Custom PHP CMS
  • Hudson/Jenkins (under TomCat)
  • Ant
  • Maven
  • Bugzilla
  • Subversion


Note: Have since moved off Dreamweaver in pursuit of lightweight - preferably free - environments and frameworks. NetBeans is suiting me fine for PHP/MySQL development and have found no need to launch from within the IDE. Pointing chrome to my dev environment is faster, more intuitive, and comes with better debugging tools at a finger's reach.


Development Environment Strategy

Currently implementing 3 environments for development:

  • dev
    • peform rapid dev cycles and test with local DB
    • cutting edge environment with all active development
    • site restructuring performed here & pull from GIT or test env if all hell breaks loose during surgery
  • test
    • push code and point to same dev DB
    • sanity check to make sure changes updated/saved and work in two places
    • Automation tests will execute here and once passing data passed to prod
  • prod
    • used to reverse integrate my live site if I've been away from development.
    • will push live->prod->test->test and re-wire things where necessary
    • same as test, but using live DB
    • also serves as a local site archive for disaster recovery or queuing up media files or other 'non-logic' files
  • live
    • live site exposed to the world
    • prod should always be in sync with this env

XAMPP with all pistons firing

XAMPP Control Panel - All services running

VisualSVN as the frontend to my instance of SubVersion

Visual SVN Running



  • Linux
    • Ubuntu 12.04/12.10
    • Mint16 (Cinnamon/MATE)
  • Windows Server 2008 ( AD-DS, DNS, WINS )


Looking Forward

As things progress, we'll get a handle on presentation and organization, but rest assure this will be the working man's workbook. After realizing the benefit of creating documents, procedures and help guides AS YOU GO, the keyboard has stayed hot and the documents are pooring out. A new guide for setting up a VM Webserver including XAMPP, VisualSVN, Apache Ant, JMeter, TestNG, Java JRE/JDK/Libs, Bugzilla, FileZilla and TomCat components will get you straight for most any development needs. Look for this to come out soon. Additionally, a recent foray into JMeter and Windows Server 2008 R2 have resulted in additional guides. For those considering me and/or my services for your team, please see the timeline below that gives a rough enumeration of my background. This barely scrathces the surface and does not capture all the various avenues I've traversed in entertainment and media over the years and remains mute on all the secondary roles that accompanied these primary roles.



Professional IT Work

Creative Pursuits

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