This role was a very enjoyable one as I had plenty of experience with 'blackbox' device testing and software testing, but never worked with BIOS for personal computing.

Each new release required reviewing the engineering documents from Microsoft, AMI, or Dell internally, understanding how the feature works within the given environment, integrating new code into the current tree, compiling the code, flashing BIOS, performing a suite of tests, adhoc testing, then dumping the data, if any, and reviewing the result with the engineering team.

Testing Tracker

Managed testing of business class laptops where we received Dell Provided Features ("DPF") to integrate into the BIOS manufactures 'baseline' source tree. AMI and Compal provide the BIOS chip as well as the firmware to drive it and manufactures will add devices and supporting software to this baseline. I created a tracking tool to log builds as we produced them for test, the platform under test, and results. This tool was an informal workbook to trap as much infomation as possible to aid in articulating issues, troubleshoot issues ( i.e. when were they introduced"? ), provide quality feedback, and - of course - use as an aid when using formal bugtracking and reporting tools.



  • Windows LogoStudio (WHQL)
  • DediProg Chip Programmer
  • Agile


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