DELL - CFI / Project Engineering Toolss (PET) QA

PET Tools: A Suite of Tools to Process HDD Images for Factory Installation

PET Overview

In order to image a factory system from a manufacturer such as Dell, the image must be reviewed and validated for hardware drivers, viruses, OS updates and hotfixes, and custom requirements based on customer selections during the ordering process.

A customer who needs 3000 laptops for a corporate refresh program can save considerably by leveraging the manufacturer's expertise and volume advantage for driving the image creation and validation process. While this is largely a completely automated process if one orders a unit from the online store, but for large coporate clients with complex systems configuration the process requires a hands on approach. A Client still must configure one unit, but once one system is ready, the image is sent over and PET takes it from there.

Basic Components:

  • Customer Order, Tracker, and Configuration Management Tool
  • Image Processing and Validation Tool
  • Storage and Disaster Recovery

Basic Application Function

The image processing and validation tool was the application under development and its functions were as follows:

  • Get Client/Project ID
  • Select Services ( Virus Scan, Validate Image Drivers and OS requirements, Create Restore Media )
  • Pull Image from Storage and Push to a worker bee VM from Virtual Machine Farm ("Drone")
  • Drone expands image and performs services
  • Drone captures HDD image via Ghost and push to Storage
  • Disaster Recovery is call to backup the Project
  • Update tracker applications along the way

Test iterations usually consisted of

  • running an image through the system
  • validating the image itself
  • validating form data
  • reviewing database data
  • parsing logs
  • autogenerated configuration data
  • loading restore media on hardware or VMs


Many applications and tools were needed to get by:

  • MS Office
  • Microsoft Test Manager
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Visual Studio 2010/2012
  • Microsoft SQL Manager Studio
  • WinPE
  • VMWare
  • Norton Ghost
  • MDT/Deployment Workbench
  • QuickWeb
  • Automation Framework
  • VS2012\Resharper
  • FireFox (Firebug, Web Developer Tools)

Selenium Test Framework

  • Functional/UAT Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • VS2012/C#
  • Selenium 2 WebDriver
  • XML/XLS backend/frontend


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