AMI eBIOS Quick Walkthrough


eBIOS is a compiler tool for AMI and Compal BIOS released and is used for integrating custom features into the BIOS source tree. In order to test new features and fixes specific to Dell product line, they first needed to be integrated into the source tree. Components were added, verified, built, verified again, then flashed into the system by one of several means. Many times the code needed to be injected into removable BIOS chips using 'DediProg' as the BIOS could get into a bad state where flashing from the laptop was impossible. Below is a short walkthrough of the eBIOS application.


Opening a BIOS project

Some projects have a faulty MAK file and eBIOS will prompt there are missing files when all is well...

Project when loaded in eBIOS

Setting up the target sepcific options in preparation for compiling for a specific laptop

It is helpful to compare builds from same source when fixes are imlemented to ensure that 1) the correct code was integrated and 2) nothing else was changed during the process. This will prevent chasing down 'ghost' problems that YOU created.

eBIOS can throw error messages when incorrect settings are encountered




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