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Its a blessing and a curse to be interested in most everything world has to offer, while I've never found myself sitting around bored wondering 'what to do with myself', I now suffer from data inundation. I have plowed a 'trail of glory' over the last two decades and being an avid fan of notes and documentation since mid 1990's ( NOT a fan of recreating the proverbial wheel ), I have accrued an obnoxious amount of data that I've created, but not re-purposed, or for that matter, enjoyed. SiloSix.com's latest incarnation is my amalgamation of my personal journies through the worlds of product development, client support, project management and planning, music and arts, performance, automotive and electronics, appliance repair ( of course ), and much more. Being one who rather do a bad job on his own than pay someone to do it for me, I've fixed everything from Dryer heating elements and refurbing its motor; to replacing radiators and adjusting valve timing; to soldering equipment PCBs that must have been made on a Friday or a Monday and finally biting the bullet to dump Drupal for my own customized CMS solution with PHP/MySQL. Sometimes it doesn't go well, but thankfully none of my vehicles have suffered an ill fate at my hands.

And so it is time for an anectdotal story - with the classic moral at the end: My Honda started making some serious noise at 1200 RPM and particularly when letting off the gas at 1400 RPM and letting the engine wind down. Thinking the worse I hit the forums to collect diagnostic and repair information. With root causes anywhere in between rods, valves and simply the oil viscocity, I decided to crack open my engine and braced for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised to find no sluge, but was quickly brought back down to earth when I adjusted the valves and no change in the symptoms occured. Reserving myself to just drive it into the dirt - with costs to repair often surpassing the cost of a new engine - I got some new NGK spark plugs, put dielectic grease on the porceline, put antiseize on my beautifully clean plug threads, and popped them back in the block. Wouldn't you know, the valve noise all but disappeared and the rattle - while still present - is only occuring in very accute conditions! Soooo... why am I wasting these bytes on this tangent? Well, to tell you that when you encounter your next challenge try this:


Ohh yeah, and the most important



Many a time I have robbed myself of a joyful process of personal growth and challenge by fearing the worst and feeling pressure to just get it done. Often times when you jump into something, a whole world opens up that you can explore. By taking your time and immersing yourself in the opportunity, you will not only walk away with more in hand, you're inclined to do a better job the first time and actually relish in the experience. This applies to all of us in every occupation:

  • Rushed design creates laborious maintenance - and even utter failure.
  • Cutting corners makes a horrible square.
  • Is it really saving time if you have to do it twice?
  • Multitasking is an oxymoron most of the time....try to get 2 'file copy' streams to a USB HDD - then do it while you defragment your interal HDD. Actually, don't do this - just trust me when I say it takes about 5 times as long as if you just did one operation at a time. Ask the HDD read/write head - there IS time lost in transition.

OK, I digress....Site's interface is still under devl but I see no harm in opening things up for the rest of the world while I sculpt out my corner of the web. If you're looking at my 'google docs viewer' items, click the 'open in new window' toolbar icon to get a better vantage point - with searching capabilities. Last item worthy of noting is that I'm going to be pushing the bulk of my notes up and will be going back over to flesh out things and give them polish - so this is a work in progress....much like everything else in life!



Site is organized into the following sections(with more to come):

Professional Corporate Roles in QA, Product Development, Project Management, and Support
Programming Compilations of information surrounding programming languages and tools.
IT Non-Programming computing information such as MSOffice Tips, WebSever setup, etc
Technical General technical information not related to computing
QA QA specific information for items I'm working on such as the basics load testing tools, and sooner or later I'll be back on Selenium again.
Music All kinds of music I've either written, recorded, produced or collaborated on.
Art Graphic media I've created over the years.
Video Creative videos, usually to showcase art or music mixes
Other Self Explanatory.



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