Card Processing Hosts and Equipment

Card Processing Hosts

Hosts/Host ProtocolsTested development and provided support for the following card processors/hosts

  • Alliance Data Systems (ADS)

  • BP

  • Buypass

  • Chevron


  • ExxonMobil

  • Heartland

  • JCPenny's

  • RBI

  • Sunoco

Satellite/Host Processing Equipment

DirectWAV DW7700
Used by several card processing networks such as Alliance Data Systems, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and a slew of other smaller retailers, the DW7700 offered remote diagnostics and upgrades and better bandwidth than dial-up modems that were mainstream until the late 90's. It has since been replaced by TCP/IP solutions over broadband internet services.
SkyStar Advantage

Verifone V900

One of the first solutions for new card processing requirements focused on increased security and streamlined development for point-of-sale vendors, Verifone's first TCP/IP offering for BP allowed for decoupling retail and card processing logic development to reduce the amount of certification work required to deliver products to the field and maintain them later. All card data is firewalled from the point of sale and XML messaging is employed for relaying host approvals and records management.


 PIN Pads 

Verifone Everest/PLUS

Verifone OMNI 7000 ---
Verifone MX830
Ingenico I6550

 Dial-Up/Dial-Up over IP

  • Datawire1

  • Datawire2


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